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Jaunpur is also famous for Traditional Marsiya and Soaz of meer Anis.

What is a Marsiya The word ‘Marsiya’ is derived from the Arabic word ‘Risa’, meaning a great tragedy or lamentation for a departed soul...

What is a Marsiya

The word ‘Marsiya’ is derived from the Arabic word ‘Risa’, meaning a great tragedy or lamentation for a departed soul. It was a common word, used for one and all. But after the major tragedy of Karbala, when on the 10th day of Moharram, Imam Hussain, (A.S.) the younger grand-son of the Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.W.) was martyred, hungry and thirsty along with his 71 relatives and companions by the unruly and merciless hoards of the tyrant king Yazid, ‘Marsiya’ became a word used exclusively to describe the Events of the Battle of Karbala and the Tragedy of Imam Hussain(AS).

Late Zulqadar Bahadur Syed Mohamad Nasir Ali .

Tomb of  Meer Anis

Stamp Meer Anis
If we look at a Marsiya in the light of its subject matter, it is a poetry full of pathos, love, emotions, bravery, patriotism and the ultimate sacrifice. No other form of poetry gives the writer as much space to portray their creativity and knowledge as a Marsiya does. Mir Anees that succeeded in making marsiya-goi the most creative form of poetry. Mir Babar Ali Anees, a Musavi sayyed i.e. decendent of the 7th Holy Imam Hazrat Moosa Kazim(as), belonged to a family of poets. Mir Anees’ father, Mir Khaleeq who was a famous poet and litterateur, took personal interest in the education and upbringing of his son, and entrusted him to the care of reputed contemporary teachers, Mir Najaf Ali Faizabadi and Maulvi Hyder Ali Lucknavi.

In addition, Anees's mother who was an educated and pious lady, played a significant role in shaping the personality of the boy poet. But above all, it was the boy's own instinctive urge for learning and literature that made him an accomplished poet, proficient in Arabic and Persian scriptures, and well-versed in logic, literature and philosophy. Poetry came to him as ancestral heritage, for his forbears, going back to his great grandfather, were eminent poets and men of letters. Mir Anees was the grandson of Mir Hasan who is remembered for his immortal Masnavi, Sehir-ul-Bayaan. Mir Zaahak, great grandfather of Mir Anees, was also a poet. Mir Anees has mentioned him in the verse below as Jadd-e-Aali. Other poets from his family are his uncles, his father Mir Khaleeq’s brothers, Mir Khulq and Mir Makhlooq. Mir Anees’ younger brothers Mir Uns and Mir Monis too were known for their marsiyas. Mir Anees groomed his sons into fine poets. Their names are Mir Raees, Mir Nafees and Mir Salees. Among his nephews Mir Waheed, son of Mir Uns, was famous. His parents had migrated in their old age to Lucknow, where he spent the best part of his life. Arther E Hudson in his book, Epics of the Western World, says:“An Epic is a poem embodying a noble story told in a noble verse. A more stringent definition is almost impossible; yet any attempt at such definition must use words like grand, noble, universal. Poetry to attain Epic structure, must possess above all else the qualities contained in these words and the Epic poet must tell of people, their actions and emotions, in such a way that his story expresses everything about the world. The material of the Epic poet, are the ideal customs, traditions and the moral values of the whole society.” L.M. Bowra in his book, From Virgil to Milton, says:“An Epic is by common consent a narrative of some length and deals with events which have a certain grandeur and importance and come from a life of action, especially of violent action such as war. It gives a special pleasure because it’s events and persons enhance our belief in the worth of human achievement and in the dignity and nobility of man.”

Jaunpur is also famous for marsiya khwani.My Grand father marhoom Syed Mohammad Nasir Ali, was famous for marsiya khwani and till date his grand and grand grand son Syed mohammad Ahsan  and Syed Ali ahsan continuing this.

Marsiya By Syed Mohammad Ahsan Jaunpuri ( Bada Imambada Lucknow)

मीर अनीस के मर्सिया पढने का अंदाज़ तो आज किसी को याद नहीं लेकिन मीर अनीस की शागिर्द खानदान ऐ ज़ुल्क़दर बहादुर जौनपुर का अंदाज़  पिछली पांच नस्लों से मशहुर है और आज भी वही अंदाज़ जिंदा है मर्सिया पढने का जो मीर अनीस का कहा जाता था |

आप भी कुछ मर्सिये ज़ुल्क़दर खान बहादुर के पोते जनाब मुहम्मद अहसन उनके भाई जनाब अली अहसन और उनके बेटे जनाब हसन  साहब के सुनिएं |फर्क आप को खुद महसूस होगा |

Marsiya ,Soaz,Salam,Nauhe the forms of Urdu Poetry that play a major role in the rituals of Muharram describing the events ofKarbala and importance of the values of the sacrifices Hussain Ibn Ali made for Islam.

Soaz or soz is an elegiac poem written to commemorate the martyrdom and bravery of Hazrat Imam Hussain a.s and his comrades in the battle of Karbala. This form of poetry was adapted from Lucknow, a city in Northern India which is the center of the Shia Muslim community. Soaz is generally written to commemorate the martyrdom of the Ahl al Bayt, Imam Hussain and the tragedies of the Battle of Karbala. Soaz generally means burning of the heart.Soaz reached its peak with the excellent writing of Mir Babar Ali Anis.

Shdaab Jaunpuri Reciting Soaz

Shabeeh-e-Imaam-e-Zamaa'n  khenchte hain
Tassavur meintasveer-e-jaa’n khenchte hain

Zameedar seraab hain Karbala ke
Azeeyat Imam-e-Zamaa’n khenchte hain

Jagaa mol li hai mazaaro’n ki khatir
Zamee’n pe Shah-e-Dee’n nishaa’n khenchte hain

Idher khushq hai Fatima ki zara’at
Wo kheto'n me aab-e-rawaa’n khenchte hain

Hawa lagne deti na thi jis ko bulbul
Wahi gul jafa-e-khizaa’n khenchte hain

Kahaan bediyaan aur kahaan paay-e-Abid
Ye langar kahin natawaa’n khenchte hain

Ajab haal hai Dukhtar-e-Fatima ka
Rida sar se eezarawaa’n khenchte hain

Pukaarien Sakina duhaai hai baba
Sitamgar meri baaliyaa’n khenchte hain

Kati jaatein hain gardanein Bibiyon ki
Rasan ko jo eezarawaa’n khenchte hain

Ye aalam hai furqat mein kehti thein Zehra
Ke rag rag se jis tarha jaa’n khenchte hain

Kaha Sheh ne “Hushyaar ai qaum-e-nari”
Hum ab taigh-e-aatish fishaa’n khenchte hain

Qalam youn hai kagaz pet ham tham
ke chalta Qadam jis tarha natawaa’n khenchte hain

Bohot baagh duniya ke kaanto se uljhay
Bas ab rakhs soo-e-jinaa’n khenchte hain

Qadam bediyon mein, hain rassi mein bazoo
Ye dukh Aabid-e-natawaa’n khenchte hain

Kaha ro ke Akbar ne “Ai dard tham jaa”
Kaleje se baba sinaa’n khenchte hain

Bohot hum ko peesa hai, ik din tujhay bhi
Shikanje mein ai aasmaa’n khenchte hain

Mohabbat ka rishta nihayat hai nazuk
Mujhay kis liye qadrdaa’n khenchte hain

Qaree sar ke hai aaftaab-e-Qayamat
Lehed par abas saaibaa’n khenchte hain

Dikha doo Zameen-e-Najaf ki bulandi
Bohot aap ko aasmaa’n khenchte hain

Nas-e-ghum ki shiddat se kehte thay Abid
Ajab sakhtiyaa istakhwaa’n khenchte hain

Zamee ke tale jin ko jaana hai ik din
Wok yon sar ko ta aasmaa’n khenchte hain

Faqeeron ne yaa paav phaila diye hain
Ajab haath ahl-e-jafaa’n khenchte hain

Abas hai adu dar pe ai qatl-e-Asghar
Ye eezaa kahin bezabaa’n khenchte hain

Wo hain pehelwaa, hum jo qoowat dikhayein
Falak pe sipar kehkashaa’n khenchte hain

Sukhan hai agar baa’is-e-tulkh kaami
To hum aap apni zabaa’n khenchte hain

ANEES is zamee'n mein bohot kam hai wus’at
Kumait-e-qalam ki inaa’n khenchte hain.


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Voice of the Jaunpur: Jaunpur is also famous for Traditional Marsiya and Soaz of meer Anis.
Jaunpur is also famous for Traditional Marsiya and Soaz of meer Anis.
Voice of the Jaunpur
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