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Shahi qila or Shahi fort or Karar Fort or Jaunpur fort is a 14th-century fort in Jaunpur, build by Firuz Shah.In  The imperial gazetteer of India writer W.W. Hunter Writes The Fort of Firoz, an irregular quadrangular building overlooking the north bank of Gumti ,consist of a stone wall ,build round an artificial earthen mound .The material was obtained from ruined Buddhist and Hindu temples and carved stone taken from these sources occur profusely in the walls.

The fort still offers a few interesting monuments together with the eastern gateway that has been salvaged along with a portion of the fort wall. Within the fort complex, one can visit the spacious Turkish Hammam of the Sharqis, locally referred to as Bhul-bhulian.

Turkish Hamam (bhul Bhulaiya)

Close to it is a three domed mosque built in a typical Bengali style with a four feet high sandstone minar in front. Arabic inscription on the minar assigns its construction to Ibrahim Naib Barbak (brother of Sultan Firoz Shah) in 1377. However, other historians read it as 1395 and credit it to Prince Ibrahim (subsequently Sultan Ibrahim) during the reign of the first Sharqi king (1395).

Pillar Near Turkish Hamam

Another six feet high pillar with 17 lines of Persian prose is placed outside the gateway. It dates back to 1769 and exhorts al Muslim and Hindu kotwals of the fort to continue the allowance, possibly to the descendants of the Sharqis. The inscription continues:

"I administer oath to a Muslim in the name of God and His prophet; and if he is a Hindu I give him the oath in the name of Ram, Ganges and tribeni. If he does not act upon this deed he will be cursed by God and his Prophet and if God wishes his face will be blackened on the Resurrection day, and he will go to Hell."

Pillar on gateway

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