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The largest estate in the district is that owned by the Raja jaunpur ,the representative of Brahman family founded by the Shiv Lal Dube who was the son of wealthy banker named Moti Lal Dube. Shiv Lal Datt was born on 1776 at the family residence at Amauli Fatehpur. After the death of his father shiv lal dube started to increase his wealth by banking enterprise. That time Shiv Lal was banker to Kalb Ali Beg who framed Jaunpur . In 1797 he recieved taluka of badlapur with the title of “Raja Bahadur “ He died in 1836 and that time he possessed large estates not only in the district Jaunpur but also in benaras, Gorakhpur, Azamgarh,Mirzapur. He was succeeded by his grand son Raja Ram Gulam Though his son Raja Bal dutt was still living. Raja Ram gulam died in 1843 the property and title paasing to his father Raja Bal Dutt. Raja Bal dutt Died in December 1844 and was succeeded by his second son Raja lachamn gulam who died without any issue in 1845.The estate was then managed by Rani Tilak Kunwer the the widow of Raja Bal dutt. she died in 1848 and was succeeded by Raja shiv Gulam the minor son of Raja Ram Gulam. The estate rapidly deteriorated under his management and the chief cause was family disputes. After his death the the estate was taken under management and was released in 1869. Raja Lachmi Narayan died in 1875 , as he had no issue ,the succession passed to Raja Harihar Dutt,the eldest son of Raja Hari Gulam. After his death of his son Raja shanker Dutt succeeded and held estate till 1897 when he died without any issue left behind his widow Rani gumani ,to whom he had given authority to adopt a son.For the third time the estate was taken under management ,held on behalf of Raja shri krishn Dutt ,a direct descendent of Raja Shiv lal’s elder brother sadanand Dube of Amauli. Raja Shri Krishn Dutt taken charge of riyasat in after attaining majority in 1916 ,who died in 1944 after passing it to Raja Yadvendra Dutt (died in 1999) and now Avanindra Dutt (Birth 21/09/1947 at Allahabad) is Raja jaunpur.

on my visit to jaunpur i met Raja Avnindra Dutt and taken his interview in which he explained current status of his Riyasat of jaunpur


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  1. Nice description of a dynasty. But where is the INTERVIEW?

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    1. please i want to know that who is founder of raja shahab ka pokhara and temple of dharmapur